April 11, 2007

  The Heart of the Supreme Being    

“Eternally, Love seeks to flow through all, to reconcile any separated parts to itself… in a Divine moment, Love’s embrace joined me as One in its sacred eternal reunion.”  Vanessa Bonnette  

Since the true nature of mankind is Spiritual, Divine Love will eventually be found by each and every person.  It is the one Way or path which leads to where the human heart can experience the fullness of a life so overflowing, that it simply cannot be contained, and is essentially shared with everyone.  As the Heart of the Supreme Being continuously unfolds on earth in  accordance with the Divine order of Spiritual evolution, mankind ascends. Conscious choices emanate integrity and purity, and as each being becomes more Divine, a greater proportion of the sacred essence abounds.

This sacred essence is pure Love, ever seeking to manifest  itself on earth in compassionate selfless service.  This Love can be experienced as a passionate and mystical song waiting to resonate in any open heart who hears the call. One note of Love’s pure song forever transforms the human heart, and thus begins to immerse one into the harmonious reality of the One song that reverberates through infinite universes.  One’s awareness is enlightened by the light of Truth into a State of Being in ever reverential surrender to the Divine Will of the Creator to co-create harmony. Thus, the seemingly endless earthly battle in which one has engaged finally comes to an end as the eternal mysteries and Spiritual mission is revealed. With the mission firmly established, the lower self accepts defeat and its voices are silenced in the presence and power of the inner Spirit Being.Given that everything in our universe is interconnected, each individual transformation blesses and enhances all life due to the universal law of inertia. Under this law, the first and most significant affects are experienced by those whom the enlightened/awakened individual has personal contact and then flows outwardly to affect others to a lesser degree – thus the Christ was among groups more often than he was with individuals. Consequently, the ones who receive enlightenment by the liberating revelation of Divine Truth in a group rather than separately, can immediately identify this state in the presence of others by their interconnected experience. I have met many individuals who strive alone on their Spiritual path, battling against the opposing rivers of self in a world which is becoming increasingly cold, corrupt and competitive. Such are the times of our present earthly existence. In these times, a degree Spiritual unity is essential if we are to advance and ascend our current states of being and establish the foundations of the New Era on earth.

In my experience, the journey of true enlightenment does not consist of a single stream of ego-centric and selfish endeavours, it encompasses a vast ocean that flows with Divinely guided interconnections, the purpose of which is to enrich all aspects of human life—Spiritual, mental, emotional, physical and social. For, if one were to find truth, achieve enlightenment or attain Spirituality and then attempt to hold it for oneself, they will find it impossible, for by design, Love, like water, cannot be held in the palm of one’s hand.  

As “servers” of the Divine we share a supreme honour beside a multitude—the shining Ones of Glory— who throughout eons have served the Supreme Being on earth and now silently observe us as great witnesses in the Cosmic spheres. By discovering and entering the Divine flow of giving and receiving Love unconditionally; one resides eternally within the Heart of the Supreme Being and subsequently affects every single soul in the world for the “great ascension” of all.

 Eternally One in Divinity, Vanessa J. Bonnette     


March 12, 2007

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